Citibank Job Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Up to Date

Citibank Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Citibank Nigeria Limited Job Aptitude Test Past Question Papers. You can now download the real and up to date CitiBank Past questions and answers here.

Citibank Past Questions

It’s well known that the Citibank Nigeria Limited aptitude test will soon take place and shortlisted candidates are advise to read and prepare for the forthcoming aptitude test.

To pass the aptitude test, you need to purchase the past question paper and read them because some questions will likely be repeated either direct or rephrased.

All questions contained in this past question paper has been solved and given the most appropriate answer. See sample questions below…

Sample Questions

1. Find a number whose double exceeds its half by exactly 99.
A. 33
B. 44
C. 55
D. 66
E. 77

2. Two cogged wheels of which one has 32 cogs and the other 54 cogs, work into each other. If the latter turns 80 times in three quarters of a minute, how often does the other turn in 8 seconds?
A. 48
B. 24 C. 135 D. 138
E. None of the above

3. A snake slides through a long cylindrical hole in the ground at 6 centimetres per second. The hole is 7.5 metres in length. The snake takes 14 seconds to enter the hole. How many seconds does the snake take to exit the hole after entering it?
A. 125 seconds
B. 120 seconds
C. 110 seconds
D. 105 seconds
E. 90 seconds

4. Seyi, during a half -price sale, bought a book for the usual price and a second book for one -half the usual price. If she paid 90 kobo for the 2 books, what was the usual price for a book?
A. 40k
B. 50k
C. 60k
D. 70k
E. 80k

5. An inter-agency task force has representatives from 3 different agencies. Half of the task force members represent agency A, one-third represent agency B and three represent agency C. How many people are on the task force?
A. 12
B. 30
C. 24
D. 18
E. 15