Setting Yourself up for Success – A Therapist’s Reflection

It all began with a therapist student. In a mentoring session at my alma-mater, I felt energized. She shared her desire to become a private therapist. Her questions were insightful and her energy was contagious. Since over 10 years, I have been a successful psychotherapist working in a solo private practice. Over the last year, I’ve transformed my […]

Teen and Children’s Therapy Books: 5 Things to Know

There are 1 000 different self-help books advertised on social media, each with their own tips and tricks. They all claim to cure mental illness through self-care. It doesn’t. Self-care isn’t the cause and therefore, not the cure for a clinical disorder. You’d have the same luck if you put your arm in cast to cure flu. […]

Geriatric Psychotherapy: A Growing Need

Geriatric psychotherapy: Growing need Americans are living longer thanks to an active lifestyle, a healthier diet, exercise and advancements in medicine and healthcare. This trend, combined with historically low birthrates, is transforming America into an older population. By 2030, every baby boomer is expected to be 65 or older, and seniors will make up one in five […]

Skin-to-Skin Contact: Not Just for Moms

What is skin-to-skin contact? When a baby cuddles up to Mom or Dad, it is called skin-to-skin. All babies benefit from skin-to-skin time, regardless of whether they are breast-feeding or formula-feeding. Both babies and parents can benefit from skin-to-skin contacts. Skin-to-skin can benefit everyone, including breastfeeding and formula-feeding Moms, Dads as well as partners, as they are […]

Quiet Quitting: Burnout, Stress, or Bad Managers?

Quiet quitting is about finding the right balance between personal and work boundaries. Forbes shares the following insight: Quiet quitting is also known as “acting out your wages” and ensures your professional life remains within the bounds set by working hours and assigned tasks. Quitting quietly is not the same as quitting your work. Quiet quitting is defined as […]

Mental Health and Inflation: Understanding the Impact

Inflation occurs when prices increase. Inflation can make it difficult to pay for basic necessities like housing, food and healthcare. According to the results of the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Healthy Minds Monthly Survey, almost 90% of Americans report feeling anxiety or being very anxious about inflation. This is an 8-point increase from the previous months. The APA survey […]