UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers | This page is composed of well organized and compiled past question and answers for the university of Benin city and all prospective student and the interested individual who all desire to be admitted into the university are all invited to get a copy of the past question and answers and prepared for the post utme screening exams.

UNIBEN POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences


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The University of Benin is a research university located in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. It is among the universities owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and was founded in 1970.

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Samples of UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers 2020

  1. In the passage ‘manic pleasure means _______

(a) Human Pleasure
(b) Wicked Pleasure
(c) Unlimited Pleasure
(d) Childish Pleasure

Answer: D

2. According to the passage, it gives the child great pleasure

(a) for daddy to see the tower he has built
(b) to be helped to destroy the tower
(c) to destroy his tower himself
(d) to see his tower accidentally destroyed

Answer: C

3. The expression ‘must kick it and make it collapse’ in the context means

(a) cannot resist the urge to demolish
(b) ought to kick it make it collapse
(c) it forced to kick it and demolish it
(d) is obliged to kick it and make it collapse

Answer: A

4. How does the author try to explain this destructive stage?

(a) it is the last stage in child development
(b) the child is just going through a destructive stage
(c) the child wants to displease his parents
(d) it grows out of the child’s recent experience of sudden falls.

Answer: D

5. What other feelings does the child have from the fall of his tower apart from pleasure?

(a) pity
(b) depression
(c) strength
(d) anxiety

Answer: D

Choose the word(s) or phrase that best fills the gaps

6. A good government should try not to ______ the press

(a) bind
(b) gag
(c) fetter
(d) tie

Answer: B

7. Those who_______ policy must have facts at their disposal

(a) instigate
(b) fabricate
(c) organize
(d) formulate

Answer: D

8. Because foul play was suspected the dead man’s body was ______ from the grave

(a) examined
(b) expelled
(c) exhumed
(d) extracted

Answer: C : “Exhume” in this context refers to the act of bringing out a corpse from the grave. It is a verb. Synonyms for exhuming are digging up, unearth, disinter. Antonym is bury.

9. We reported the robbery and a policeman was asked to ______

(a) probe
(b) investigate
(c) explore
(d) inquire.

Answer: B

10. The Vice-Chancellor has set _______ up to study the complaints of the students

(a) a tribunal
(b) a brains trust
(c) a panel
(d) an inquest

Answer: A

11. The President has refused to give his ______ to the bill

(a) ascent
(b) accent
(c) accent
(d) asset

Answer: B : “Brain trust” an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government. It is used in the academic context. It conveys similar meaning with option A and C

12. The ______ of armed robbery has been on the increase

(a) incident
(b) accident
(c) incidence
(d) accidence

Answer: C : while an incident means an event, the incidence is an uncountable noun meaning the rate of which something happens

13. The ______ of our troops was high

(a) morale
(b) moral
(c) morals
(d) morel

Answer: A

14. Age is the cause of _______

(a) infirmary
(b) infirmity
(c) infinity
(d) infertility

Answer: B

15. We heard _______ of laughter from inside the hail

(a) pills
(b) peels
(c) piles
(d) peals

Answer: D : Peal a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells)

From the words lettered A to D, choose the one that best completes each of the following sentences.

16. I want to tell you frankly that measles _______ no longer impossible to cure

(a) are
(b) were
(c) is
(d) was

Answer:C : Measles irrespective of ending with ‘s’ is a singular disease entity.

17. I don’t want to ________ your morale at this early stage of the competition

(a) damping
(b) dampen
(c) damp
(d) doubt

Answer: B

18. The military________ contributed ________ quota to the development of this state

(a) have/their
(b) are/their
(c) has/it
(d) has/there

Answer: C

19. The girl who ________ beautifully in the school hall every morning as if she ________ a professional singer is my cousin

(a) sings/is
(b) sings/will become
(c) sing/has become
(d) sings/were

Answer: D

20. The class _______ into two before the teacher was transferred to another school

(a) had been split
(b) has been split
(c) was split
(d) had been spitted

Answer: D

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