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1. Important abiotic factors which affect all plants and animals in the habitat are
(a) rainfall and relative humidity
(b) temperature and rain fall
(c) salinity and relative humidity
(d) temperature and turbidity

2. Which of the following factors may not affect living organisms in an aquatic habitat?
(a) light
(b) turbidity
(c) .pH
(d) humidity

3. The accepted concept for the theory of Natural selection does not include
(a) tendency for organism to overproduce
(b) struggle for existence
(c) survival of the fittest
(d) use and disuse of body parts

4. Which of the following pair of structure does not perform the similar function
(a) lungs and spiracles
(b) root hair and mammalian hairs
(c) feathers and scales
(d) contractile vacuole and kidney

5. Which of the following is not an evidence of evolution?
(a) anatomy
(c) behavior
(d) fossils

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