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BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answer

BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download |  Bowen University Teaching Hospital Past Questions are the past questions you would not love to miss, cause it contain the most compilation of all previous Bowen University Teaching Hospital entrance examination settings, and this we have done to help prepare you for the forthcoming examination and we have also taken time to solve those question so just purchase your past question and be ready for the examination.


BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

Do you desire to succeed in this forthcoming Bowen University Teaching Hospital entrance/aptitude test? All you need is to purchase and download the past question papers and start preparing confidently.

Among the top rank school in Nigeria is BUTH  currently and a lot of candidates have applied for admission alongside you so where will you like to be at the end of the exam? that question will be answered as you purchase your past question and get ready.

To be admitted into the Bowen University Teaching Hospital, you need to score very high in the forthcoming entrance examination. Passing the exams is not based on reading irrelevant textbooks, all you need to pass the exams is the past question paper because the Bowen University Teaching Hospital normally repeat past questions either direct or rephrased.

Sample Questions

1. All organism that has been extensively used to test the chromosome theory of heredity are
A. homo sapiens
B. drosphila
C. zea mays
D. musca domestica


2. A feature associated with the Y chromosomes in humans is
A. facial hairs
B. prominent fingernails
C. long eyelashes
D. enlarged breast

3. A man and his wife are both heterozygous for the sickle cell trait. The likely percentage of their offspring that will be either carriers of sicklers is
A. 50%
B. 25%
C. 75%
D. 100%

4. The type of reproduction that leads to variation in animal and plant population is
A. budding
B. vegetable
C. asexual
D. sexual

5. If a DNA strand has a base sequence TCA, its complementary strand must be

6. Which of the following requires the use of carbon dating to prove that evolution has occurred?
A. biochemical similarities
B. molecular records
C. fossil records
D. comparative anatomy


Thank you for contacting us for your past question and answers and we wish you good luck as you get ready to write the forthcoming examinations.