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Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers | Here is the complete NPF  Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for the year 2023, we have the latest versions and it is downloadable.

The main reason we place this soft copy of the Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers online is for the benefit of our customers and clients who are in need of the latest Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

NPF Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers are invaluable tools for anyone aiming to join the force. These questions are not just about practice; they’re about understanding the patterns and intricacies of the selection process. By tackling past questions, you’ll become familiar with the format, gain confidence, and enhance your problem-solving skills.


English Language

Most questions from the English Language came from Consonant sounds, Vowel sounds, Nearest in meaning, Opposite in meaning, Synonyms, adjectives, and Verbs.

General paper

The questions from this part are majorly current affairs. Some of the questions that came out last year include:

  1. Which country was formerly known as Gold Coast
  2. Who ruled as a military ruler for the longest
  3. Which of these isn’t located in southern Africa (a) South Africa (b) Gambia (c) Cape Verde (d) none of the above
  4. Know the Governors of each state, CBN governor


Majority of maths questions came from probability, permutation and combination, partial and impartial fractions, logarithm, mean, median, mode and range.

The Nigeria Police Force recruitment past question and answer are available in PDF format. You can download on your phone or computer. You can also print them out as documents or reading handouts.

Why You Need Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers

One of the frequent questions I do get from applications is – Do Nigeria Police Force repeat aptitude test exam questions? My response has always been – yes they do.

The Nigeria Police Force may not have the time to set new questions. And all they do is to pick questions from past aptitude test exam questions. It is now required of you to treat all NPF past questions for you to pass aptitude test exam successfully.

We have discovered so many NPF repeated questions. We have took time to compile Nigeria Police Force past questions with answers for you. We have provided accurate answers to help you during practice.

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Sample of Nigeria Police Force Past Questions

General Knowledge/Current Affairs Questions

  1. The first Inspector General of the Police Force was
    A. Teslim Balogun
    B. Louis Edet
    C. Ademola Adetokunbo
    D. Mike Okiro.
  2.  In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria the person must be _____ and above
    A. 35 years
    B. 20 years
    C. 40 years
    D. 55 years.
  3. The name Nigeria coined out of _______
    A. Niger Forest
    B. Niger Area
    C. Niger River
    D. Niger Textures
  4. The first military president of Nigeria was
    (a) Sanni Abacha
    (b) Ibrahim Babangida
    (c) Aguiyi Ironsi
    (d) Yakubu Gowon.
  5. How many units does the Nigerian police have?
    (a) 4
    (b) 5
    (c) 6
    (d) 7
  6. 17. The symbol for the Campaign against Aids is a ……………. Ribbon? (a) Blue. (b) Black. (c) Red. (d) Yellow. (e) White.

Nigeria Police Mathematics Questions

  1. Consider the sequence 2, 6, 18, 54, 162,.… If the 48th term is a and the 51th is b, what is the value of b/a?

A) 1/27

B) 1/3

C) 9

D) 3

E) 27

  1. What is the value of z, the number of seniors on teams as shown in the table below?

A) 360

B) 420

C) 200

D) 1800

E) It cannot be determined from the information given

3. In the figure above, what is the value of a?

A) 30

B) 36

C) 45

D) 72

E) It cannot be determined from the information given

4.  At central high school 50 girls play intramural basketball and 40 girls play intramural volleyball. If 10 girls play both sports, what is the ratio of the number who plays only volleyball?

A) 3:4

B) 4:3

C) 5:4

D) 4:5

E) 2:3

5. Maria is 6 times as old as Tina. In 20 years, Maria will be only twice as old as Tina. How old is Maria now?

A) 25

B) 28

C) 29

D) 30

E) 32

6. If a secretary types 60 words per minute, how many minute will he take to type 330 words?

A) 11/2

B) 15/2

C) 16/3

D) 17/2

E) 19/4

7. If Scott can mow 2/5 of a lawn each hour, how many lawns can he mow in h hours?

A) 2h/5

B) 5h/2

C) h-2/5

D) 2/5h

E) 5/2h

8. If it is now June, what month will it be 100 months from now?

A) January

B) April

C) June

D) October

E) December

9. In a group of 100 students, more students are on a team than are members of a club. If 70 are in clubs and 20 are neither on a team nor in a club, what is the minimum number of student who could be both on a team and in a club?

A) 61

B) 62

C) 65

D) 70

E) 75

English Language/Verbal Reasoning Questions

Lexis and Structures:

From the words given in A, B, C, D or E, choose the word or words nearest in meaning to the one printed in italics in the sentence. Write your answer in the space provided on the left of the question number.

  1. Last night, I heard a Peculiar story about the activities of ghosts.

a. True

b. Special

c. Short

d. False

e. Strange

  1. That cheat of a boy cleverly imitated his father’s handwriting.

a. Copied

b. rubbed out

c. signed

d. wrote

e. scribbled

3. Mrs. Agu had to mend her basket before going to market this morning

a. Make

b. weave

c. get

d. sew

e. repair

4. Obi was very inquisitive during the lecture and was always asking question.

a. Interested

b. clever

c. queer

d. curious

e. active

5. He was generous and shared what he brought with his friends

a. Gentle

b. polite

c. unselfish

d. greedy

e. sorry

6. This is a rather expensive dress.

a. Cheap

b. poor

c. gay

d. costly

e. dark

7. Dr. Akin said the patient was much better and quite cheerful.

a. Happy

b. noisy

c. hopeful

d. talkative

e. curious

8. I can’t buy that book, so I’ll manage with this one

a. Read

b. repair

c. try studying

d. make do

e. mend

9. Ngozi whispered the answer to me when the teacher turned away.

a. Shouted

b. passed

c. quietly said

d. slowly said

e. gave

Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions Impact on Your Success

Using these NPF past questions effectively can significantly impact your chances of success. They provide insight into the type of questions you’ll face and the best strategies to tackle them. With a clear advantage over others, you’ll be better prepared to excel in the recruitment process.


Unveiling the NPF past questions Contents

Let’s take a closer look at what these Nigeria police Force past questions and answers contain. You’ll find a diverse range of topics, including logical reasoning, mathematics, current affairs, and general knowledge. Familiarizing yourself with these areas is the key to acing the recruitment tests.


Making the Most of NPF Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

The Road to Effective Preparation

To get the most out of these past questions, you need a solid preparation plan. Start early, create a study schedule, and stick to it. This ensures you cover all areas comprehensively.

Understand the Exam Format

Nigeria Police Force recruitment exams have a unique format. By solving past questions, you’ll gain a deep understanding of this format, making you more comfortable on the test day.

Learn Time Management

Time management is crucial in any examination. Practising with past questions will teach you to allocate your time efficiently and handle each section without unnecessary stress.

Seek Expert Advice

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from those who’ve successfully gone through the recruitment process. They can offer valuable insights and tips that you won’t find in the books.

Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers – FAQs

How many years of past questions are available?

We have a comprehensive collection of past questions spanning over a decade, ensuring you’re fully prepared for any changes in the recruitment process.

Can I access the answers to these questions?

Absolutely! Our past questions come with detailed answers to help you understand the solutions better.

Are there specific areas to focus on?

While all topics are essential, subjects like current affairs and general knowledge often play a significant role in the recruitment process.

Can I practice online?

Yes, you can access digital versions of these NPF past questions for convenient practice.

How frequently should I practice?

Frequent practice is crucial. We recommend daily practice in the weeks leading up to the exam.

Are there any success stories with these past questions?

Many successful candidates have attested to the effectiveness of using our Nigeria Police force recruitment past questions. These testimonials are a testament to the value they bring.


Your dream of joining the Nigeria Police Force is within reach, and Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers can be your guiding light. With dedication, practice, and the insights provided here, you’re on the path to success. Seize this opportunity, prepare diligently, and step confidently into a bright future as a member of the Nigeria Police Force.


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