Total Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Updated Copy

Total Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF Download.

The Total Nigeria Recruitment Screening Test is here again and all successful candidates who are called upon to write the forthcoming screening test. As we all know, the Total Nigeria Recruitment is not just a recruitment you can play around with. It is currently a hot cake job in Nigeria.

Total Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

The Total Nigeria Recruitment Past Questions and Answers are past years questions which was conducted by Total Nigeria and as such, it is the real and updated copy.

The past question has in stock over 500 questions and answers to help you practice and prepare well for the upcoming examination.

Candidates who haven’t written this exams before are hereby advised to get a copy of this past questions and study them very hard.

The forthcoming screening test will determine your success in the Total Nigeria Recruitment because candidates who score high and have good grades are the ones that will be considered for the job and place their names on the list of successful candidates. Candidates who do not perform well in the screening test will be disqualified and not considered for the job.

Do you want to pass the screening test with good grades and secure this job? Follow the procedures below to purchase the Total Nigeria Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Sample Questions

1. A bill can become law only after the
A. final reading B. presidential assent C. third reading D. committee stage

2. Nigeria‟s foreign policy is basically guided by her maintaining
A. permanent friends B. permanent interest
C. permanent cooperation D. permanent partners

3. The atomic energy tests carried out around the Sahara Desert made Nigeria severe diplomatic relations with
A. Canada
B. United Kingdom
C. United States of America
D. France

4. NEPAD is the abbreviation for
A. New Peace for Africa‟s Development
B. New Programme for Africa‟s Development
C. New Partnership for Africa‟s Development
D. New Prospect for Africa‟s Development.

5. Delegation is necessary because?
A. The parliament has enough time
B. The parliament has all the expertise
C. Some bills are technical in nature
D. Some bills are easy to handle