Shell Scholarship Undergraduate Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Up to Date

The Shell Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers is a collection of questions from past aptitude test conducted by Shell Nigeria.  This past question comes in a PDF File which you can easily download and open with your smartphone or laptop computer.

Shell Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions

A lot of candidates search the internet daily looking for the genuine SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship Past Questions. Don’t worry, today ends your search. We have the real and updated copy of the past questions which goes for a token.


The Past Question contains more than 300 questions and answers. We have solved each question with its appropriate answer meaning you won’t have to stress yourself in solving the questions again.

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It consist of all the subjects you will be writing in the upcoming examination (Mathematics, English Language, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.


It will expose you to likely questions that may reappear in the forthcoming screening test and also make you understand the nature of the Shell Scholarship Aptitude Test.

Sample Questions

1. The perimeter of a rectangle is 42cm and its area is 68cm2. Find its length and breadth.
A. 17cm ; 3cm
B. 14cm ; 3cm
C. 17cm ; 4cm
D. 21cm ; 2cm

2. Given that T = {x: -2 ˂ x ≤ 9} where x is an integer. What is n (T)?
A. 9
B. 10
C. 11
D. 12

3. Factorize x2 – 8x + 15.
A. (x + 5)(x + 3)
B. (x + 15)(x – 1)
C. (x + 15)(x +1)
D. (x – 5)(x – 3)

4. Factorize: x + y – ax – ay.
A. (x – y)(1 – a)
B. (x + y)(1 + a)
C. (x + y)(1 – a)
D. (x – y)(1 + a)

5. Find the roots of the equation 2×2 – 3x – 2 = 0.
A. x = – 2 or 1/2
B. x = – 2 or 1
C. x = – 2 or 2
D. x = 1/2 or 2

The SPDC Scholarship past question comes in a pdf file which can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, laptop/desktop computers etc. Follow the procedures given below to get a copy of this past questions.