Shell Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Up to Date

Shell Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | SPDC – Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Postgraduate Scholarship Past Question Papers.

We appreciate your interest in purchasing the real and up to date SPDC postgraduate Scholarship past question papers. This past question papers will go a long way to help you in the forthcoming shell scholarship aptitude test which will commence soon

Shell Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions

This past question contains series of questions gotten from past aptitude test conducted by the Shell Development Company of Nigeria. You stand a chance of passing this aptitude test with flying colours if you purchase this past question paper because most questions are always repeated either rephrased or direct.

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It consist of all the subjects you will be writing in the upcoming examination (Mathematics, English Language, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

Sample Questions 

1. The product of two consecutive positive even numbers is 288. By constructing a quadratic equation and solving it, find the two numbers.
A. 14
B. 20
C. 7
D. 10

2. If Boneri adds 2 to the numerator of a fraction, the fraction becomes 1⁄3. If he subtracts 3 from the denominator of the fraction, it becomes 1⁄4. What is the fraction?
A. 1⁄5
B. 2⁄5
C. 3⁄5
D. 4⁄5

3. Given that P = {x: 1 ≤ x ≤ 6} and Q = {x: 2 ˂ x ˂ 10}, where x is an integer. Find n (P ∩ Q).
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10

4. Solve the equation [x + 3] [x + 1]>9 + x2.
A. x < 11/2
B. x 11/2
C. x > 11/2
D. x 11/2

5. One third of a number y is subtracted from 5 and the result is at most 3. What is the
range of values of y?
A. y > 6
B. y ≥ 6
C. y ≤ 6
D. y < -6