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School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions

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School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions and Answers


1. A wire carrying a current J 2.5m in length is placed in a field of flux density 0.12T. What [ne force on the wire if it is placed at 60° to the field?
(a) 30.3N
(b) 20.5N
(0) 1 5.3N
(d) 10.5N

2.  In the transformer. the magnetization of the core is repeatedly reversed by the alternating magnetic field resulting in energy dissipation as heat This loss is called
(a) Eddy currents loss
(b) Hysteresis loss
(C) Flux linkage loss
(d) joule heating loss

3. An atom is said to be exited if an election of the atom is
(a) in the ground state
(b) at infinity
(C) promoted to an energy level higher than its original level
(d) having an energy value of 0.0cV

4. What happens to a proton number Z and the nucleon number of a nuclide that emits a y-radiation?
(a) Z increases by 1 while A does not change
(b) increases by 1 and A increases by I
(c) Z and A neither increases nor decrease
(d) Z increase by 1 while A decreases by 1


5. A note that is an OCTAVE higher than a given note of frequency 25hz world has a frequency of
(a) 2048Hz
(b) 1024z
(c) 12Hz
(d) 512Hz

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