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School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions and Answers


1. A step transformer is designed to operate from a 25V supply. If the transformer is 80% efficient, determine the current in the primary coil when the output terminals are connected to 240V 1 cow lamp
(a) 50A
(b) 4.0A
(c) 2.5A
(d) 2A


2. An object of mass 0.2kg and density 600kgm-3 is suspended with a string so that 1/10 of it is immersed in paraffin of density 900kgm-3, find the tension in the string
(a) 1.0x105mn4
(b) 2.0 x 105ms4
(c) 3.0 x 105ms4
(d) 5 x105ms4

3. A rocket burnt fuel at the rate of 20kgs4 and eject it with a velocity of 5.0 x 1 03ms-1 calculate the thrust exerted by the as on the rocket.
(a)1.0 x 105mns4
(b) 2.0 x 105ms4
(c) 3.0 x 105ms4
(d) 105ms4

5. Which of the following pairs condensation quantities only?
(a) Velocity and gravitational
(b) potential acceleration and field strength
(c) momentum and work done
(d) mass.

5. One of the limitations of Thomson’s model of the atom is that it does not explain
(a) small-angle scattering
(b) stability of scattering
(c) ionization process
(d) the variation of the effectively atomic radius


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