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Polaris Bank Job Past Questions

The Polaris Bank Job Past Questions will go a long way to help you secure the Polaris Bank Job which you have applied and been shortlisted.

On a regular, Polaris Bank always conduct an aptitude test for new employees. This aptitude test is to test the ability and intellectual of the candidates.

Before you are considered for this job, you must have written the aptitude test and passed with good grades.

The past question paper will help you a lot. You need to purchase and practice the past question papers because a lot of questions contained in here will be repeated either directly or rephrased.

Sample Questions 

1. Two trains running on the same track travel at the rates of 25 and 30 miles an hour. If the first train starts out an hour earlier, how long will it take the second train to catch up with it?
A. 2hr
B. 3hr
C. 4hr
D. 5hr
E. 1hr

2. A motorcycle stunts man belonging to a fair, rides over the vertical walls of a circular well at an average speed of 54 kph for 5 minutes. If the radius of the well is 5 meters, then the distance traveled is kph.
A. 2.5
B. 3.5
C. 4.5
D. 5.5
E. 6.5

3. The length of a rectangle is 9 centimeter more than half the width. Find the length if the perimeter is 60 centimeters.
A. Length = 14cm, Width = 14cm
B. Length = 14cm, Width = 16cm
C. Length = 16cm, Width = 14cm
D. Length = 19cm, Width = 14cm
E. Length = 16cm, Width = 11cm

4. If I buy a melon and a coconut, the cost will be N1.19. If I buy a melon and a pineapple, the cost will be N1.45. If I buy a coconut and a pineapple, the cost will be N1.40. What are the individual prices?
A. Pineapple = 85k, coconut = 57k, melon = 65k
B. Pineapple = 83k, coconut = 57k, melon = 62k.
C. Pineapple = 89k, coconut = 56k, melon = 62k.
D. Pineapple = 83k, coconut = 67k, melon = 60k.
E. Pineapple = 82k, coconut = 56k, melon = 61k.

5. The ages of a father and son add up to 66. The digits of the father’s age are those of son’s age reversed. How old could they be?
A. 42, 24
B. 44, 22
C. 45, 54
D. 47, 19
E. None of the above

How to Purchase The Complete Past Question Paper

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