Ogun State SUBEB Past Questions and Answers PDF Download – Up to Date

Ogun State SUBEB Past Questions and Answers PDF Download – Up to Date | For candidates searching for the Ogun State SUBEB Past Questions and Answers, Good news is here. We have the up-to-date and real Ogun State Subeb past questions. All you need to do is to follow the information on this page and purchase a copy of this material.

Ogun State SUBEB Recruitment Past Questions

A lot of candidates rely on irrelevant text books to pass examination while a few rely on past questions and some other relevant texts. I know you will be wondering which one is write to do now. As the case maybe, past questions are very good for any examination you have to write. Past questions are comprehensive and reveals the areas of concentration in any examination. For a better performance in any examination, past questions are all you need to shine out.


The main reason why you need to have a copy of the Ogun State SUBEB Past Questions is to have a clue of what the exams is all about and also get to practice likely questions that maybe repeated in the forthcoming examination.

The Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board cbt aptitude test exams will not really be tough for you if you have purchased the past questions and practice them accordingly. Follow the procedures below to get a copy of the past questions and answers below.

Sample Questions

1. The law of libel limits a citizen‟s right of freedom of
A. association
B. movement
C. worship
D. expression

2. Voting at elections in Nigeria is limited to ages.
A. 21 and above
B. 20 and above
C. 19 and above
D. 18 and above


3. One of these is not necessary for a dynamic foreign policy
A. political stability
B. military capability
C. mass party
D. economic stability

4. Nigeria‟s trade agreement with Zambia is known as
A. Multi-lateral relation
B. Bi-lateral relation
C. Mass relations
D. Cordial relations

5. NEPAD was adopted during the O.A.U. summit held in July 2001 at
A. Abuja, Nigeria
B. Cairo, Egypt
C. Tunis, Tunisia
D. Lusaka, Zambia