NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers | PDF Download | Up to Date

We are glad to announce to you that we now have the up to date copy of the NNPC Past Questions and Answers which you can now download into your mobile phone or laptop computer as a PDF File.

NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recruitment is really a top notch. A lot of people applied for the just concluded recruitment exercise. For this reason, the NNPC have decided to conduct a screening test for all candidates who where shortlisted in the first stage.

Please note that you need to score very high in the screening test for your name to appear on the final list of shortlisted candidates.

The NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers are compilation of about 3 years past recruitment screening test questions into on PDF File. This PDF File consist all the subjects you are going to be writing during screening test such as mathematics, english language, general knowledge in oil and gas and current affairs.

The past question and answers will help you a lot in the long run. Most of the questions you will come across in this past question will likely repeat in the upcoming screening test. To have a copy of the NNPC Past Questions and Answers, kindly follow the procedures below to make a successful payment and receive a copy immediately.

Sample Questions

1. A Unitary System of Government leads to
A. Too much expenditure
B. Duplication of resources
C. Delay in passage of bills
D. Quick passage of bills.

2. In parliamentary system of government, powers of organs of government are
A. Diffused
B. Separated
C. Fused
D. Divided

3. Fascism is associated with:
A. Carl Marx
B. Benito Mussolini
C. Adolf Hitler
D. MaoTseng Tung

4. A written constitution must contain a
A. Dialogue
B. Prologue
C. Preamble
D. Discourse

5. Checks and Balances empower the Judiciary to
A. Interpret the constitution
B. apply the law
C. declare null and void actions of other organs
D. execute the law