Nigerian Prisons Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Up to Date

The Nigerian Prisons Past Questions and Answers has been compiled by us and made available for download for candidates who are about to write the Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment Screening/Aptitude Test. The past questions contained in this material are updated and genuine. It is the real Nigerian Prisons Past Questions gotten from past aptitude tests conducted by the Nigerian Prisons (NPS).

Nigerian Prisons Past Questions and Answers

This document comes in a PDF File which you can easily download into your phone or laptop computer and goes for a token. It is well known that a lot of people applied for the NPS Recruitment and it is not everyone that will be shortlisted and employed. The reason why you need to purchase this past question is to guide you on what to expect in the examination hall and also enlighten you on the nature of the examination. I guess you wouldn’t want to go a long way like this and at the end not have this job.

Get this past question papers and stand a chance to be employed into this organization. Note that the only way you can be granted this job is when you have written the screening test and score high. Follow the procedures below to download and gain access to the material.

Sample Questions

1. A limited geographical territory with a population and sovereign authority is
A. Society
B. Community
C. State
D. Government

2. In British parliamentary system, the Monarch can be referred to as the
A. Queen in parliament
B. Queen and parliament
C. Queen‟s parliament
D. Queen‟s assembly

3. A government by people with pride of birth is called
A. Democracy
B. Aristocracy
C. Autocracy
D. Monarchy

4. In Nigeria, representations of states in the Upper House is based on
A. Population
B. Ethnicity
C. Equity
D. Equality

5. Which organ of government is referred to as the last hope of the common man?
A. The legislature
B. The parliament
C. The executive
D. The judiciary