Nigeria Immigration Service Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Up to Date Copy

Nigeria Immigration Service Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | NIS Up to Date Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers.

Nigeria Immigration Service Past Questions

For those searching for the real and up to date Immigration past question papers, panic no more. We have the real and up to date copy of the past question paper which we have taken time to compile the past questions gotten from past recruitment aptitude test into one pdf file. These questions are reliable.


Candidates who are shortlisted will be given this aptitude test to write and you need to score high to be on the winning side. It is obvious that a lot of people had applied for this job alongside with you which means there is a whole lot of competition.

The past question paper will help you understand the nature and how NIS set their aptitude test questions. If this is your first time of writing this exam you really need this material. See sample questions below.

Sample questions

1. Oil was first discovered by Shell-BP in Nigeria
(a) Oloibiri
(b) Idanre
(c) Warri
(d) Kabba

2. Which of the following may be regarded as a regional organization
(b) OAU
(c) UN
(d) OPEC


3. The last military head state of Nigeria was
(a) Abdulsaleem Abubakar
(b) Sanni Abacha
(c) Olusegun Obasanjo
(d) Yakubu Gowon

4. The name Nigeria was coined by
(a) Flora Shaw
(b) Mary Slessor
(c) Lord Lugard
(d) Juman Goldie

5. The legislature in Nigeria is called
(a) House of assembly
(b) House of lords
(c) National Assembly
(d) House of Representative

6. The legislature in Britain is referred to as
(a) House of common
(b) White house
(c) Congress
(d) Parliament