Edo Star Teachers Past Questions and Answers | Download PDF Here Online

Edo Star Teachers Past Questions and Answers | Download PDF Here Online

Edo Star Teachers Past Questions: Hello and Welcome to pastquestionmummy.com here on this page we are here to assist all those candidates who made it in the recent Edo Star Teachers recruitment and to all those whose names were among the list of shortlisted candidates.


Here on this portal, we have recently updated the Edo Star Teachers Past Questions and Answers and you can also download the PDF Here Online without stress.

Edo StateTeaching Fellowship Programme Past Questions

If you are preparing for the Edo State Teaching fellowship screening exam, what you need to prepare is Edo SUBEB’s past questions and answers.

Samples of Edo Teachers Aptitude Test Questions

Below are some of the example and a sample of the exam, we advise you to also purchase the complete updated PDF file to enable you to get acquainted with every necessary information you need to have before the test:

1). Aimlessness in education can be solved with one of the following, identify it?


A. Centralized education

B. Democratic citizenship

C. Administration reformation

D. Straightforward aims

2). How would you grade the student in their practicals if you are authorized to do so?

A. Grade the students on the basis of your professional initiatives

B. In conjunction with other staff, grade the student on a behavioral basis

C. Encourage them to come to you for private learning, then you can now do your evaluation

D. Grade them on a performance basis without prejudice

 A set of numbers are given below from Questions 3 to 4, observe their relationship and use your arithmetic and quantitative knowledge to choose the options that can replace the question mark

3). 1, 4, 27, 16, ?, 36, 343

A. 78

B. 132

C. 125

D. 50

4). 20, 19, 17, ?, 10, 5 

A. 15

B. 14

C. 13

D. 12

5). Based on the past census, what is the estimated population of Edo state?

A. 5 million

B. 6 million

C. 7 million

D. 8 million

Answers to the Free Questions Above

Q1. A

Q2. D

Q3. C

Explanation to Q3:

The series consists of cubes of odd numbers and square of even numbers.

Q4. B

Explanation to Q4:

The Pattern is – 1, – 2, -3, …

Q5. A

Why Do I Need the Edo State Teachers Past Questions

The reason why you need the Edo Star Teachers Past Questions is, you can’t offer what you don’t have and know that a lot of prospective Edo Star Teachers has been shortlisted and this exam will be a CBT Examination, Do you know the content of the questions? that is why you need the Edo State Teachers Past Questions to help you and guide you through this upcoming exam that is about to take place, the earlier you get your own PDF copy the faster you study them.