Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative Past Questions & Answers PDF Download | Up to Date

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative Past Questions & Answers PDF Download | AHNI OVC Past Question Papers. Do you wish to get a job in the Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative? Then you need to get the AHNI OVC past question papers and start preparing for the forthcoming exams.

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative Past Questions

Candidates who wish to score high in the forthcoming exams and get recruited for the AHNI jobs are advised to get the past questions and study hard because most questions contained in the past question papers are always repeated.


The past question paper will show you the nature and how the exam looks likes which will really help you if this is your first time.

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative past questions and answers is compiled for candidates applying for the positions listed below;

  1. M & E officer.
  2. Programmes officer.
  3. Programmes Manager.
  4. Programmes Monitor.
  5. Project/Programme Director.
  6. Chief of Party.
  7. Data Entry Officer/Clerk.
  8. Adherence Counselor.
  9. Community Volunteer.
  10. Finance Officer/Assistant (Accountant).
  11. Peer Educator.
  12. Gender Base Violence Officer/Assistant.
  13. Security Officer etc.

Sample Questions

1. Mention the tools used during OVC Case Management.

  • Child Service Index (CSI)
  • Child Vulnerability Assessment Form
  • Child Vulnerability Service Form
  • HIV testing/ GBV Screening Consent Form
  • Home Visit Form, etc.
  • Household Care plan
  • Household Vulnerability Assessment Form
  • Household Vulnerability Service Form
  • Risk Assessment Form
  • School Visit Form



2. What are the eligibility criteria for Household/OVC Enrolment?

  • Child who’s either father or mother or both are dead.
  • Child living with HIV
  • Child living with frail or aged grandparents
  • Child living on the street
  • Child living in households where the parent or caregiver is living with HIV, or has been ill for extended period of time
  • Child living in a child-headed households