What are the best car insurance companies for young drivers?

Car insurance is one of the most expensive and confusing parts of owning a car. Between the different types of coverage, deductibles, rates and more, it’s no wonder so many people consider it to be an unpleasant necessity rather than an investment in your safety and financial future. But if you know how to navigate the confusing world of auto insurance with confidence, you can find the right plan that doesn’t break the bank and offers protection you can count on when you need it most.


With Progressive, you can choose your deductible and have a fixed rate that never goes up. Get quotes online or over the phone for affordable rates with great coverage. Discounts available for multiple policies (multi-car, boat/RV, motorcycle). Progressive offers a variety of discounts and benefits designed to help you save money. You might even qualify for extra savings through your employer or college! Whether you’re shopping for car insurance or another type of policy, Progressive is worth a call to get started today.



It’s true that rates differ widely from state to state, but according to Geico, one of our editors’ top picks for most affordable car insurance companies, your home zip code could be one of your best predictors of whether you’ll pay more or less than average. This is because your geographical location plays a large role in what risk you represent to an insurer; consider it a pricing factor. In fact, different insurers can price even similarly-situated policyholders differently if they’ve identified a specific risk or difference in potential claims between those two groups.

State Farm

Although a less expensive option, State Farm could have issues servicing your claims in a timely manner. If you choose State Farm, it might be best to opt for their smartphone app so that you can handle much of your account management yourself. In addition, you’ll also get a choice of policy options and price points (such as whether or not to include additional coverage) which means that if you want to buy extra coverage in case someone else is driving your vehicle or if you’re concerned about accidents, etc., then you can do so knowing that your base rate is still quite reasonable.


As an auto insurance agency with a long track record of great customer service, GEICO is a good choice. It offers several different quotes to customers, but it is best known for low rates. It also has good customer satisfaction ratings and online reviews. If you want more security in your policy, you can opt to add on additional liability protection or purchase collision coverage. In addition to providing competitive rates and multiple quote options, GEICO often gives discounts to certain customers (like veterans) who might qualify.


With both Mercury and Nationwide, which rank among our 10 Best Car Insurance Companies, you can expect affordable rates and good coverage. Our policyholders pay an average annual rate of $846 with Mercury and $1,029 with Nationwide, which is significantly lower than most other companies.



A great company that has both personal and commercial lines of business is a good choice for your teen’s policy. MetLife offers one of our favorite discounts—customer loyalty can score you up to 5% off your policy. Other unique features include medical payment coverage, which will help protect you if you or your passengers have a costly accident, and daily rental reimbursement, which is available if an accident occurs while your teen is driving someone else’s vehicle (say theirs was in an accident). For teens under 18, MetLife also provides additional protection beyond what they cover under state minimums such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.


The Best Car Insurance Companies For Young Drivers. Of course, it’s hard to pick a single best provider because no two cars and people are alike—but if we had to choose just one from our list of auto insurance providers, we’d go with USAA. These guys offer competitive premiums, an easy-to-use app, excellent roadside assistance and an industry-leading claims process (just check out their 2:15 claim video). The cherry on top: They serve military members and their families. While USAA is best known as an insurer for active duty and retired military personnel, they also provide services to other groups such as students, veterans and teachers. If you qualify, you can get coverage through them at very affordable rates. As mentioned above, they have some really good perks that come along with your policy too. So even though they may not be offering you cheap auto insurance prices like some other companies do, you can rest assured that your money is going towards something good in return!


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