Canada Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work in Canada 2022

Canada prides itself on being an accepting and multicultural country that provides a wide range of benefits to those who want to immigrate there.

The Canadian Government has made a policy to provide work for immigrants seeking to enter Canada. There is over 300,000 job recruitment currently available in Canada for immigrants we are regularly posting high-paying jobs with salary. Find your desired career now!


There are thousands of people who want to work in Canada but do not know where to begin; fortunately, the Canadian government has you covered with its Job Bank, a listing of hundreds of thousands of available jobs posted by employers looking to fill their job vacancies with qualified workers from around the world.
Whether you’re looking for something temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time, there’s bound to be something right up your alley!

Jobs In Canada Paying Under $40,000

While most jobs in Canada pay over $40,000, immigrants looking to move to Canada don’t necessarily need a high-paying job; they just need a job that is going to allow them to survive financially.

If you’re moving to Canada with your family or on your own, don’t expect too much out of one job. But know that there are many ways for you to earn more money and secure a stable income, even if you’re not coming from an affluent country or city.

Take advantage of any English-language classes offered by your employer and consider any additional training that could help you gain new skills. Government programs like immigration support can also provide people with financial assistance during their first year in Canada as well as help them learn more about Canadian life and culture.


Jobs For Immigrants Paying Above $40,000

Jobs in Canada for immigrants under 40k to 50k are most abundant. Candidates with Bachelor’s degrees have a good chance of landing a high-paying job from $40,001-$50,000.

Canadian employers are always looking for 2-3 years of experience. It’s important to have specific skills related to your career field and target high-paying jobs without much previous experience.

Canadian Jobs That Pay High Salary

If you’re an immigrant looking for high-paying jobs in Canada, there are some fields that are better than others. Engineering jobs often pay very well and are easier to find than high-paying finance jobs.

Canadian provinces also differ in their average wages: residents of Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba tend to have higher average wages when compared to other provinces. As well, cities play a major role in determining your salary.

If you live in Toronto or Vancouver (two of Canada’s major hubs), you can expect high salaries; if you live somewhere with less population density like St John’s or Yellowknife, not so much. But if job numbers aren’t really important to you—if flexibility is more important than money—the job market outside of major cities is definitely worth exploring.

Canada Government Jobs Application Process

The Canada Border Services Agency has announced that it is now accepting applications for a variety of CBSA jobs, including customs officers and intelligence officers.

As they note on their website, these positions offer flexible work schedules and competitive pay in a supportive environment, among other advantages to public-sector employment.

The government agency, which handles security and trade at Canada’s border points (land, air, and sea), recruits new workers when it needs to expand or replace existing staff—and right now is one of those times.

Successful applicants will undergo an intensive three-week training program before being deployed at ports like Windsor, Ontario; Surrey, British Columbia; Niagara Falls, Ontario; Burlington and Sarnia, Ontario; and Lacolle, Quebec.


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